Iper & Tookgae Multiple Tails Lizard Great Attraction Windfalls in Marine Parade Road, East Singapore for sale

Iper & Tookgae Multiple Tails Lizard Great Attraction
Iper & Tookgae Multiple Tails Lizard Great Attraction Windfalls
Iper & Tookgae Multiple Tails Lizard Great Attraction Windfalls
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Category:  Art & Antiques

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Address:  Marine Parade Road East Singapore   449274

Made Bless & Empowered By Ajahn Busakorn
Grave soil from 7 different great fengshui tombs and many barang Materials added to improve spiritual power of the amulet.加入7地风水地点的坟墓泥土和多种阴料来提升牌的灵力
Hand Moulded.Limited Pieces.
Many Barang Materials added to improve power of amulet. Great for users experiencing hardship in sales,Business or entertainment line.
加入多种阴料增加此牌灵力 非常适合生活中多种难题销售生意或娱乐夜间场所的人
Details:This is believed to be good for:
招财开运 :Brings you great luck
赌运/偏财运:Gambling luck (4D,TOTO,Casino)
招揽生意/带来生意/商机:Improve your business/Attracts Oppurtunities/More Sales
添福聚财:Increase Prosperity/Accumulate Fortune/Wealth
事业顺利:Smooth Career
提升人缘:Improve Metta
提升第六感:Improve Six sense
成愿/做事:Wish Granting/Do Things
We are here to provide professional guidance and advise to all.
We are also believers of Thai Buddhism and Amulets
We Only Deal In Authentic Blessed & Empower Amulets that could help you solve your problems and improve your life.
One of Buddha precept is to abstain from wrong speech: telling lies, deceiving others, manipulating others, using hurtful words.
We will not defame others for personal gain nor sell fake amulets.
Let our amulets speak for themselves.
We provide you with the correct guidance to improve you lives .
With or without you acquiring an amulet from us.
Our only wish is that you are able to help the less fortunate after gaining help from our amulets & Guidance
Proper Method Of Use & Katha Would be
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would be most suitable?
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We Are
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